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Tie dye some jeans with tutorial by swellmayde. I’ve dyed things “denim color” in the past and they came out terribly. Aimee has a lot of experience with denim and you can really tell with this project and the great success of it. Plus there is a link to a denim tie dye kit you can purchase from Amazon.

DIY girly, gathered skirt from Cotton + Curls. Oh, and it has pockets!

DIY Best Galaxy Painting Tutorial Ever from Gloriously Chic here. Most galaxy painting tutorials just skim over the details and are really vague - but NOT this one. Very detailed and loads of photos. I really like Gloriously Chic’s bog (and am so glad she initially messaged me!) because she is not a “cutesy” blogger and offers really good advice based on her DIY experiences. For more Galaxy DIYs go here (like copyright free NASA galaxy photos):

(via KRISTINA J.: How to Make a Two-Tone Shirtdress)

DIY Block-Printed Linens-Photo By Michael Graydon

Make a needlepoint Union Jack pillow at Jenny Henry Designs. via Make.

Happy birthday cake ~

Las3marias hacemos un año!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DIY Pom Pom Clutch - Swellmayde 


DIY Embellished Sunglasses - full post

(vía eelisediys-deactivated20140313)


This lace themed accessory DIY from the uber crafty team over at Brit + Co looks so awesome! With a couple basic pieces and a just little bit of time, you end up with some utterly darling new baubles. I can’t wait to try this out!

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Hot Mess Tshirt Dress | Prudent Baby
For those of you new to the sewing business (hi! Welcome! Isn’t it fun!?) here is a relatively simple project for you to try. A combination of a plain skirt and pre-made tshirt means there isn’t a ton of sewing you actually have to do, plus you can make the skirt any length you want - maxi, midi, mini, hi-lo, above the knee…

Dip Dye Ombre Ballet Flats | Swell Mayde
What a super cute pair of flats! These would go so nicely with all the coloured jeans out there today, or all those sweet Summer dresses floating around the stores.